welyoo (beta) - wealth management for you


Success monitoring
Strategy control
Tax documentation


Identify investment opportunities
Track fees and expenses
Recognize options for action


Use rebalancing opportunities
Control risk
Calculate performance

welyoo is a portfolio and asset management, offering you:

  • 360° asset overview: Analyze and control the growth of your financial assets!
  • Record assets in accounts, in securities and soon also in other, user-defined assets such as real estate
  • Complete traceability of all transactions: Using the history of all purchases, sales, income, fees, taxes, etc. you know exactly what happened in your assets
  • Find the right investment instrument for you, e.g. inexpensive ETFs
  • Define your target asset allocation using any criteria and identify deviations in your actual assets
  • Comprehensive evaluations: How are your investments performing? Where are high fees lurking?
  • Track all your accounts and portfolios, regardless of banks and currencies
  • More features will follow soon!


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